David T. Boyle

Ph.D. Student & NSF-GRFP Fellow
Department of Chemistry
Stanford University

I am a Ph.D. student in Yi Cui's lab at Stanford University. My research focuses on the physical aspects of Li metal electrochemistry and provides clear guidelines to develop functional Li metal batteries. For example, I use electro-analytical methods to understand the electron transfer kinetics, corrosion kinetics, and nucleation and growth of lithium. I couple these methods to nanoscale characterization methods such as transmission electron microscopy, which gives a complementary understanding of the electrode and nano scale.

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Featured Publication

Transient Voltammetry with Ultramicroelectrodes Reveals the Electron Transfer Kinetics of Lithium Metal Anodes

This work investigates the electron transfer kinetics of lithium metal deposition, which is a central process for lithium metal batteries. The commonly used Butler-Volmer model of electrode kinetics could not describe lithium deposition; instead, the Marcus model of electron transfer accurately provides the most accurate description of the kinetics. This work provides a strategy for understanding how the interplay of the electron transfer and mass transport resistances affect the deposition of lithium.